SM3DL Wallop
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario 3D Land
Species Thwomp
Related Species Whomp

Wallop are enemies introduced in Super Mario 3D Land. They pop out of the ground blocking progress.

Appearance & Behavior

They are very similar to Whomps in body type except for being shorter and lacking arms. They resemble castle walls with various bricks in their body and the ridges on top of its head. It has large black eyes with yellow pupils. Their legs are stubbier than a Whomps.

Wallops pop out of the ground when Mario approaches. Instead of trying to squash Mario like a Whomp, Wallops follow Mario's movements and jump whenever he does, which are followed by a slam into the ground. After which, they will be stuck so Mario can pass them.

After Mario leaves, the Wallops go to sleep with their pupils turning dark and their feet retreating inside them. They can be defeated by being crushed by Statue Mario.


Super Mario 3D Land

  • World 3-1
  • World 6-4
  • World 8-6
  • Special 3-5
  • Special 6-1
  • Special 8-4
  • Special 8-Crown


  • Wallops' mouths are identical to those of Rhomps.
  • Wallop seem to behave more like nurikabe than the original Whomps do. Nurikabe block the path of travelers like Wallops do.
  • By running into a direction and immediately turning the other way, Mario or Luigi can get past the Wallop without jumping.