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Producers Edit

Yoshio Sakamoto

Ryoichi Kitanishi

Supervisors Edit

Katsuya Yamano

Toshio Sengoku

Concepts Edit

Koichi Kawamoto

Kazuyoshi Osawa

Chief Director Edit

Goro Abe

Directors Edit

Osamu Yamauchi

Teruyuki Hirosawa

Game Design Edit

Programming Directors Edit

Kazuyoshi Osawa

Kenji Matsumoto

Programming Edit

Character Supervisor Edit

Youichi Kotabe

Wario Design Edit

Hiroji Kiyotake

Character Design Edit

Ko Takeuchi

Design DirectorEdit

Ko Takeuchi

Naoko Mori


Sound DirectorEdit

Kenichi Nishimaki


Kenichi Nishimaki

Masanobu Matsunaga

Yasuhisa Baba

Sound Effects and Programming Edit

Takaya Fujii

Artwork Edit

Hardware Design Edit

Character Voices Edit

Model Edit

Engineer Voice Engineer Edit

Kirk Arndt

North American Localization Edit

Ann Lin

Reiko Ninomiya

Rich Amtower

Localization Management Edit

Jeff Miller

Leslie Swan

Bill Trinen

Executive Producer Edit

Satoru Iwata

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