Wario Dunes
MTO Court Wario Dunes

Series Mario Tennis
First game Mario Tennis Open

Wario Dunes is a sand court in Mario Tennis Open. It takes place in humid ruins. It's landscape looks exactly the same as desert. From the distance, it's an Egyptian pyramid. Dust storms can be seen blowing around it. The whole place looks like ancient sand ruins. The in-game description says a desert court surrounded by ancient ruins. This court is owned by Wario.


  • BALL SPEED: slow.
  • BOUNCE: weak.

Names in different (other) languages:

  1. Spanish: Desierto de Wario (Wario's Desert).
  2. Dutch: Wario Woestijn (Wario's Desert).
  3. German: Wario-Wuste (Wario's Desert).

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