Washington, D.C. is the fourth mission in Conduit 2. It's where the player discovers the Free Drudge.

The Mission

Michael Ford arrives in an office building complex in Washington, D.C. where he immediately starts battling Drudge forces. Ford soon comes across a Drone named Thex. Thex explains he is a member of the Free Drudge, a group of Drudge that formed after Ford destroyed the Trust Base. Thex refers to Ford as the "Liberator" and informs him that they are on the same side, fighting against John Adams. Thex also says that Adams is near the National Institute.

While Thex leaves to help his friends, Ford heads down into the Washington Metro subway tunnels then back up to the surface where he discovers Adams has armed a nuclear weapon. Using the All-Seeing Eye, Prometheus successfully disarms it. Ford then heads into the National Institute looking for the conduit. The Free Drudge help cover his escape.