Washington Metro
A destroyed subway tunnel
Series The Conduit
First game The Conduit

The Washington Metro is a location in The Conduit and Conduit 2. It's where much of the Drudge activity was originating in Washington, D.C.

The player is in the Metro subway tunnels in the game's first mission, Threshold, which is only a quick glimpse into the near future, giving an indication of what to expect in the game. It is revisited in later missions.


After fighting his way through the Reagan National Airport, The Trust agent Michael Ford heads down to the Washington Metro subway terminal where Prometheus is believed to be making his escape.

In one of the tunnels, a Trust Scientist deliberately sets off explosives. Ford survives, and in the aftermath, finds the All-Seeing Eye. John Adams then instructs him to keep it safe. ("Contagion")

Michael Ford tracks the Drudge activity to the subway tunnels where he finds one of the largest conduits. After destroying the remaining Drudge forces, Prometheus re-calibrates the Trust Armor Ford is wearing so he can pass through the large conduit and stop the Drudge once and for all. ("Threshold") ("Homeland")

After Michael Ford discovers Atlantis and awakens Andromeda, he heads back to Washington, D.C. where he briefly passes through the Washington Metro subway tunnels fighting Blind-Mites. ("Washington, D.C.")



The Washington Metro is in fact a real-world location. It's the main rapid transit system that connects Washington D.C. to it's surrounding suburbs.