We Cheer
Developer(s) Machatin, Inc.
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai, 505 Games
Platform(s) Wii platform icon
Genre(s) Dancing

04ESRB - E 10+  03PEGI 12  01CERO A  01Australian Classification Board - G

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We Cheer is a Namco Bandai developed and published video game released on the Wii in 2008. The game is a rhythm based video game that has the player using the Wii Remote to input gestures into the game to simulate cheer-leaders using pom poms to complete. Two players can tackle the game in campaign game to claim the title of captain of the squad, while in party mode up to four players can play against each other. In all the game includes 30 songs.


The critical reaction was expected among gamers - mediocre. Nintendo Power explained that it was the best cheerleader game for the Wii, though also that there wasn't much competition in the genre - in all there was only one other game (All Star Cheer Squad, also released in 2008). Eventually, a sequel called We Cheer 2 was made.