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Weapons are numerous in Rebelstar: Tactical Command and below is a short list from the manual:

  • Pistol: a standard gun that can be used more effectively with skill. Hand gun skill will improve accuracy and reduce AP cost.
  • Assault Rifle: an automatic assault rifle with good accuracy and damage. It doesn't require a lot of skill to use effectively, and is the standard issue weapon for new recruits.
  • Chain Gun: a heavy weapon that fires a lot of rounds once it gets going. It requires a lot of APs to fire, and strong character to wield it.
  • Sniper Rifle: a very accurate weapon that needs a long time to aim, and a lot of skill to use effectively. Rifle skill will increase accuracy considerably.
  • Stun Gun: a short range gun used to inflict stun damage on targets.
  • Blaster Cannon: a high powered grenade launcher that fires high explosive rounds. It can be used effectively for indirect fire, or against groups of enemy units.
  • Rocket Launcher: a heavy weapon that launches a single guided rocket. This is a very accurate weapon, but is heavy and fires one shot only. The rocket has a high explosive warhead and is extremely devastating.
  • Hi Explosive Grenade: a standard anti-personnel grenade that can also blow holes in some of the weaker walls.
  • Smoke Grenade: a smoke grenade will reduce visibility temporarily, and provide some cover for soldiers.
  • Combat Knife: a standard close combat weapon. Surprisingly effective, if you can creep up behind an enemy, and doesn't create a lot of distracting noise.

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