Wedge Island
WSR golf
Golf is played on Wedge Island.
Series Wii series
First game Wii Sports Resort

Wedge Island is a location found in Wii Sports Resort. It is the second largest island in the game, and is two to three minutes away from Wuhu Island when you travel by plane in the Island Flyover. Wedge Island is where the Wii Sports Resort based Golf and Frisbee Golf games are played. There are nine holes, each separated by areas including Golf Area A, Golf Area B, and Golf Area C. There is a hotel on the island called The Nineteenth Hole Hotel, and on the shore players can find the Wedge Island Marina. Near the center of the island is Crab Rock, a rock formation that is popular with rock climbers. The Albatross Express Liner takes tourists and citizens of Wuhu Island to Wedge Island and back. Undersea cables are the source of the islands electricity, and are constantly on the watch by Undersea-Cable Inspectors. Wedge Island was named so due to the fact that it is primarily used for golfing (a wedge is a type of golf club).

In Wii Sports Resort's Island Flyover, there is a stamp titled Island Hopper that is acquired by hitting any of the I-Point on Wedge Island, indicating that you have traveled from Wuhu Island to Wedge Island. Similarly, the stamps Wuhu Tour Guide and Balloonatic can only be acquired by visiting Wedge Island during the daytime, evening, and night.


Wedge Island was likely discovered at the same time that Wuhu Island was discovered by Miis. Unlike Wuhu Island, there are no ancient tribal monuments on it. There is no permanent population as workers are shipped from Wuhu Island everyday.


The following are the "i" locations found on Wedge Island.

Stamps available on Wedge Island

The following are stamps that are available in the Air Sports game Island Flyover.

  • Island Hopper: Travel from Wuhu Island to Wedge Island and hit one of the "i" marks on Wedge Island.
  • Wuhu Tour Guide: For this stamp you must visit every "i" mark on the map on every day, which includes six points on Wedge Island.
  • Balloonatic: For this stamp you must pop every white balloon, with plenty of them being stationed on Wedge Island.

Of course, the stamps that are acquired in Golf and Frisbee Golf also apply.