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Wentworth is the Monarch's butler in Warrior's Way, Wentworth first appears in the intro, where Wentworth pops up out of nowhere in front of the Monarch, (who isn't a monarch yet) and tells them they "can't hide from their loyal subject Wentworth" and than asks them what kind of castle they want built, after the castle is built, Wentworth tells the Monarch that now they can conquer the world, but the monarch tells him that he/she doesn't even have an army to do so, but Wentworth tells him/her that they can gather an army via StreetPass to conquer the world.

Wentworth will also point out advice about if a current enemy has ninja or berserkers, or if the army is 2 or 1.5 times the size of the player's current army. Wentworth is also the one that hands out the plaza tickets to the player if they completed one of the game's plaza ticket requirements.

After the Monarch triumphs over Fynalle and conquers the world, Wentworth will celebrate with the Monarch over their victory. Than, when the tragic day that caused the Monarch to loose all of his/her countries occured, Wentworth tells the Monarch that they still have their army and Castle, Invigorating the Monarch and making him/her want to conquer the world a second time.