Whales are friends, side characters, stages, platforms and obstacles in the Mario series.

Whale (Mario).

Other than Mario series, whales, orcas, and dolphins appear in many medias and games of the Nintendo franchise including series directly related to the Mario series such as in Donkey Kong series including Diddy Kong Racing.


Whales are found only in Level 4-2. When Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach encounter a Whale, it'll spray water from its blowhole and it hurts them. Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach will fall into the water and won't jump on its tail if they're uncareful. Whales act as platforms in the series. When they're on the blowhole, it won't spray water. Some enemies are on Whales, like Shy Guys and Snifits.

Note: Whales can't die from being killed by veggies or go back to the water.

The same whales also made an appearance in the WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!.

Whale (Paper Mario)

Whale PM

He's an individual baleen whale in this game. He is a friend and had Fuzzipede in his mouth and Mario must defeat him and he takes him to Yoshi Village.

The Six Golden Coins


Mario must enter the Sperm Whale and fight the Octopus to travel in the end of it.

Super Mario Galaxy

Guppy the orca appears in both video game and the trading card as a supporting character.

Other media

  • The Whale in The Super Show made an appearance, appeared to be a humpback Whale with characteristics of either right or gray whale, and only appeared in Mario of the Deep as a supporting character.
  • A baleen whale appeared as a friend in the manga Super Mario-Kun (volume 8).
  • One also made an appearance in the Nintendo Monopoly.
  • In the Mario Party 10, "Whale Submarine", a submarine with an appearance of a rorqual appeared in the Whimsical Waters.
  • "Whale Statue" is one of the points on the stage Undersea Dream in the Mario Party 5.

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