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Wheel Gator
Wheel Gator (or Wheel Alligates Japanese) is an alligator-based Maverick in Mega Man X2. He served as a Maverick Hunter on the 6th Naval Unit, along with Bubble Crab.


In all games where he appeared, the room has sludge if Mega Man X doesn't prepare. Wheel Gator will first roll into Mega Man X and then shoot projectiles. Mega Man X will have to use the walls to avoid until they're damaged. Gator will then throw Spin Wheels in the arena, so Mega Man X has to avoid them. After that, Gator is gone, and if X stays too long, he'll jump to grab him and chomp him like a crocodile, and then Gator repeats again. It's best to use the Mega Buster, because the Strike Chain can last the battle long.

Other media

  • Wheel Gator made appearances in the books, the Rockman X manga, Rockman Remix and Rockman X Mega Mission.


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