This article lists the games based on the successful American game show Wheel of Fortune. There were several versions made for the numerous Nintendo consoles, all by GameTek. The Wii and Wii U versions were released under the THQ label.


Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Wheel of Fortune - 1987
  • Wheel of Fortune Junior Edition - 1988
  • Wheel of Fortune Family Edition - 1990
  • Wheel of Fortune Featuring Vanna White - 1991

Game Boy

  • Wheel of Fortune - 1990

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

  • Wheel of Fortune - 1992
  • Wheel of Fortune Deluxe Edition - 1993

Nintendo 64

  • Wheel of Fortune - 1997

Nintendo DS

  • Wheel of Fortune - 2010


  • Wheel of Fortune - 2010
  • Wheel of Fortune - 2012

Wii U


Like most games made after American programs, this game was only available in the United States due to legal barriers preventing its release in Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

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