Wheel of Woe is a (Mic) minigame in Mario Party 7. The concept for this minigame is for the player with the
Mario Party 7 - Wheel of Woe01:06

Mario Party 7 - Wheel of Woe

Microphone to command the different enemies to come out for a few seconds in attempt to knock the other three players off the rotating stage. There are three different enemies the player with the Microphone can use by just saying their names. Say "Chain Chomp" to release a Chain Chomp which quickly runs in a strait line (resulting in falling off the stage), "Bullet Bill" to release a Bullet Bill (which results in flying into the wall and exploding if it didn't hit anybody but it is able to be stopped if a player succedes in jumping on it), and "Shy Guy" which will result in roatating the stage in the other direction.

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