King Whomp

Whomp King (Battan King in Japan) is a giant Whomp who acts as the king of all Whomps and Thwomps. He has appeared in various Mario video games, initially in Super Mario 64 as the boss of Whomp's Fortress. He could be found at the top and could be defeated by causing him to land on his stomach and ground pounding him three times. This could be performed by standing in front of him and then quickly moving out of the way so that he would try and smash Mario. He would play the same role in the Nintendo DS remake Super Mario 64 DS. Defeating him in both titles will reward the player with a Power Star. Other games that the Whomp King has appeared in include Mario Party 3 and Mario Kart DS for the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS, respectively.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 featured a remake of Whomp's Fortress entitled 'Throwback Galaxy', and naturally the Whomp King returned too, reciting all of his lines from Super Mario 64 - unless Mario lost a life and returned, at which point he'd decide that he'd had enough of long-winded speeches.


Before Mario fights the Whomp King

"It makes me so mad! We build your houses, your castles. We pave your roads, and still you walk all over us. Do you ever say thank you? No! Well, you're not going to wipe your feet on me! I think I'll crush you just for fun! Do you have a problem with that? Just try to pound me, wimp! Ha!"

After Mario defeats the Whomp King

  • "No! Crushed again! I'm just a stepping stone, after all. I won't gravel, er, grovel. Here, you win. Take this with you!" (Super Mario Galaxy 2:"Darn it!")