This article is about the character, for the accessory, see Wii Balance Board.


Wii Balance Board welcoming a player back

Wii Balance Board is a character from the Wii series that made her first appearance in Wii Fit and reappeared later in Wii Fit Plus and Wii Fit U .

Wii Balance Board first appears in the game when the player first starts the game. She will introduce the player to the game.

Later on, she will sort of serve as just a prop that appears in the background at some points. However she will appear whenever a player loads his/her file and just welcome back the player. She also appears when a player does his/her daily body test. Her role is very large here.

She doesn't talk much, but sometimes will shout quotes depending on what the player does, such as "Good Evening". Whatever she's trying to say will appear in a big box beside her.

If you play the game on your birthday, she will be wearing a birthday hat and give you a special birthday message when you sign in (Complete with knowing your age!). Though if you do not play the game for a long time, the Wii Balance Board will forget and confuse your name with other Miis in your Wii Fit Plaza.

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