A Wii Remote Jacket

The Wii Remote Jacket is a popular Wii Remote accessory that always comes with the Wii Remote in the same casing. Wii Remotes can be inserted into the Wii Remote Jacket mostly to protect the Wii Remote from breaking, but sometimes just for style. The Wii Remote Jacket adds cusioning and texture to keep the Wii Remote from slipping from the player's hand during gameplay.

Their are 5 holes in a Wii Remote Jacket. One for the A button, one for B button, one for the other buttons, one for the Wii Remote Wrist Strap and Nunchuk, and one for the infered sensor. The only button that the Wii Remote Jacket leaves covered is the off button, thus it is rarely used. The Wii Remote jacket is usually the same color as the Wii Remote.