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The Wii Shop Channel is where the user can buy games or software(Opera Browser). Products are bought using Nintendo Points (NP), which can be bought on the Wii Shop Channel with a credit card, or at a store as Nintendo Points card. The service will no longer accept new points purchases after March 27, 2018 in all regions. Game purchases and redownloads will end on January 31, 2019.


Virtual Console

The prices for virtual console games are listed below with import games being a bit extra

  • NES: 500 NP
  • SNES: 800 NP
  • N64: 1,000 NP
  • GEN: 800 NP
  • TG-16: 600 NP
  • NEO: 900 NP


WiiWare is an original game service with the price per game varying between 500 NP and 1500 NP

Wii Channels

Most Wii Channels are free but, many of them require the user to pay for their service once inside.


The main title (composed by Kazumi Totaka) is available with the CD Touch! Generations Soundtrack