Wil Goddard

Wil Goddard is a troubadour from the game, Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers, found on the top floor of the dungeon. He uses his harp to sing the main character, Del Cottonwood, three songs: "The Saga of Lord Jair", "The Song of Triumph", and a song written by the dungeon keeper. After finishing the third song, he will give Del a flower as a gift.

The Saga of Lord Jair

"Warriors fight in blood drenched sand,

Upon this hill they make their stand.

Thunder rolls across the plain.

The lingering cry of the forgotten slain.

Moving through the night.

A somber cry.


A somber cry.


Mighty Lord Jair leading the way.

Turning the night time into day.

The Staff of Ages, made by a sage.

The Warlock Lord melts in his rage.

Imprisoned in the light.

A rousing cry.


A rousing cry.


The Song of Triumph

"We're strong men, of the grassy plain.

We're theives then, seeking gold and gain.

Fear us, O gods on high.

Hate us, O Men who die.

Fear us, O beasts below.

Hate us, O ancient foe.

We're strong men, of the grassy plain.

We're theives then, seeking gold and gain."

Dungeon Keeper's Song

"The keeper of the dungeon imprisons my heart.

A fiddle made of wood will keep us apart.

Long into the night he embraces its bow,

A sweet song and yet his love I'll not know.

The keeper of the dungeon imprisons my heart."

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