Wild Glide Galaxy

Wild Glide Galaxy is a galaxy featured in World 2 of Super Mario Galaxy 2.


  • Fluzzard's First Flight
  • Jungle Fluzzard Race
  • Green Star Challenges

When you arrive here you will have to talk to one of the smaller birds. Then you are automatically on the back of Fluzzard. You will then fly through the course as you're being timed. You hold the wii remote straight forward so it points at the screen and gently tilt it in the direction you want to go, left/right. If you tilt up you fly up but slows down, and if you tilt down you go down really fast like you're dive bombing! Avoid hitting hit objects because it takes lives away and you have to start over from the beginning. You can hit balloons though for star bits. During the race you have to get first place to win the star. During the green star challenge you must fly around and find the three green stars.