First game Drawn to Life
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Scorpion serves as Wilfre's henchman and mini-boss on the Shadow Lair in Drawn to Life. Wilfre sends him to destroy the Hero.


The Scorpion is very easy. When the battle starts, it will go towards the Hero by cornering it and then attack it. The Hero must hit the Scorpion with his Legendary Sword at least three times to stop it. The Scorpion will back up and then blow steam. After two corners, there will be platforms for the player to jump and hit Wilfre. This will cause the Scorpion to be dizzy and must be ground pounded to deal damage. The Scorpion repeats the pattern again.

If the Hero fails to defeat Wilfre when his Scorpion is gone, the Hero must re-fight the Scorpion again.