Wilfre's Ultimate Creation is not a real name, but is the final boss in the DS version of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. Wilfre uses it to kill the Hero. The boss appears in Hall of Darkness.

The BattleEdit

Part 1Edit

Wilfre is completely invisible. As with Mashtooth in the Starfy series, the Hero must lose the battle. This will cause all the Raposa to be sad and pray for the Creator to restore the Hero.

Part 2Edit

After the Hero is killed, it will be restored and is able to fight Wilfre. Wilfre's battle, unlike the one with his scorpion, is easy. Wilfre is on a throne with a dark cloud on it. Similar to Kracko from the Kirby series, Wilfre will drop lightning bolts to damage the Hero. Next, he will swoop to attack the Hero. An easy weapon to beat him is to use the Shooter. Later, Wilfre will use a tornado to slow down the Hero.