Wing Mario Over the Rainbow
Series Mario series
First game Super Mario 64
Wing Mario Over The Rainbow (called Over The Rainbows in Super Mario 64 DS) is a secret course in Super Mario 64 in the 50-Star room with Tick Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride, and Bowser in the Sky.

The level contains two platforms with a Cannon on each and four solid clouds, which are connected by rainbows. There are two clouds in which Mario can fly straight through. There is Bob-omb Buddy to open the cannons. If the player falls off, they won't die, but will return to the pond outside the castle and have to climb all the way back up.


  • Star 1: As Wing Mario, the player must collect 8 red coins around the level.
  • Star 2: Exclusive to the DS version, it can be obtained by Wario breaking a black block. Wario can get there if he long jumps correctly or uses a cannon


  • This course is only course not to have Luigi's Cap even when he is unlocked in the DS version