Wizpig DKR Artwork
Wizpig's artwork from Diddy Kong Racing.
Series Donkey Kong series
First game Diddy Kong Racing
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Wizpig is the main antagonist of Diddy Kong Racing and its remake. He is located in Future Fun Land on which he has made his own amusement park. Wizpig apparently likes racing and invades Timber's Island as he wants to conquer another area by boredom.

In this game, he has brainwashed Tricky, Bluey, Bubbler and Smokey. The Taj-like face was also changed into his own face. He also transformed Drumstick into a frog. This forced Timber and Diddy Kong call their friends to help kick Wizpig off the island. He is also raced twice in the game. The first time can be accessed when having all four pieces of the Wizpig Amulet. The second time can be accessed by unlocking Future Fun Land and completing the world's trophy race along with gaining all of the Golden Balloons.

When defeated for the first time, Wizpig breaks the party by returning to Timber's Island, meaning the heroes have to defeat him for a second time to make him fall into his homeplanet and throw a real party along with successfully restoring Timber's Island. Wizpig swears a return when falling on his home planet.

Wizpig reappears in Diddy Kong Racing DS as the same, but is an unlockable playable character who can be unlocked when completing both adventure modes. He also has the same stats as Taj. He was also shrunk, along with Taj and T.T. were shrunk to fit in karts.