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National Pokédex
Unown - Wobbuffet (#202) - Girafarig
Series Pokémon series
First appearance Pokémon Gold and Silver
Designed by Game Freak

Wobbuffet (ソーナンス, Sonans) is a species of Pokémon in the series of the same name. It is a Psychic Pokémon that made its first appearance in the second generation games Gold and Silver.

Physiology and Behaviour


Main Pokémon games

Wobbuffet first appeared in Pokémon Gold and Silver for the Game Boy Color, where it could be found in the Dark Cave. In Pokémon Crystal, a remake of the game also released for the Game Boy Color, Wobbuffet could be found in the Dark Cave and in the Goldenrod Game Corner. The Pokémon also made an appearance in the third generation games at the Safari Zone, excluding Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen where they were located at the Cerulean Cave and Ruin Valley. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, it could be found using the Poké Radar at the three lakes, while in Pokémon Platinum it could be found at all of the lakes excluding Lake Acuity using the Poké Radar. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Wobbuffet could be found in the Dark Cave like the original games, in the Cerulean Cave like the first generation remakes, and in the Safari Zone.

Other Pokémon games

Super Smash Bros. series

Wobbuffet in Brawl

Wobbuffet in Brawl

In Super Smash Bros. Melee and its successor, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wobbuffet appeared as a Pokéball Pokémon. In the games, Wobbuffet would use the move Counter to attack players. It would rock back and fourth and do so more violently if the player attacked it or threw an item at it. When the player touches Wobbuffet before attacking it, it'll still cause knockback, though the player won't take any damage.

Interestingly, Wobbuffet is the only Pokémon not classified as Legendary to appear in the event Legendary Pokémon in Melee. Some have speculated as to why this is. One opinion is that it surprises players to expect to find a Legendary Pokémon. Another is that Wobbuffet can prove quite useful, so while it doesn't make since why he appears, it's appreciated nonetheless. It should also be noted that Smogon, a popular Pokémon website, classifies Wobbuffet as an "uber", or as one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game. It and its pre-evolution form are the only ubers in the series.

Trophy descriptions

Super Smash Bros. Melee

"A Patient Pokémon, Wobbuffet lives in darkness to hide its mismatched black tail. Even for a stoic Pokémon, this creature is a testament to self-control; it will not actively attack an opponent. Its Counter and Mirror Coat moves are solely used for reflecting attacks directly back at its antagonist"

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

"A Patient Pokémon. A nocturnal, cave-dwelling creature, Wobbuffet is calm and collected, but it will fight back viciously if its black tail is attacked--this hints at something secretive about its tail. If Wobbuffet is put into battle, the opponent cannot run away or switch. Females have lipsticklike markings around their mouths."

In the anime

Origin and inspiration

In-game information

Pokédex entries

Title Entry

Game locations


Reach level 15.

Base Stats

Base Stats
HP 190
Attack 33
Defense 58
Sp. Attack 33
Sp. Defense 58
Speed 33
Average 67.5


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