List of Wolf O'Donnell quotes.

Star Fox 64

  • "Can't let you do that, Star Fox!"
  • "Don't get too cocky, Star Fox!"
  • "You'll be seeing your dad soon, Fox!"
  • "Playtime is over, Star Fox!"
  • "What the heck?!"
  • "Looks like WE win today, Star Fox"
  • "What? Is that all you got?"
  • "I...Can't...Lose!"
  • "You're good, but I'm better!"
  • "You're in my sights! You're going down!"
  • "You're not so tough!"
  • "No way! I don't believe it!"

Star Fox: Assault

  • "Don't hesitate! When the time comes, just act!"
  • "I'm owed an apology, and I WILL have it!"
  • "You're on my turf now. Watch...your...step...Fox!"
  • "Remember this, Fox! Star Wolf will take you down one day!"

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • "We're gonna have fun with this thing!" (Final Smash)
  • "I will be the one, to take you down." (victory)
  • "Weaklings,the bunch of you!" (victory)
  • "What's the matter, scared?" (side taunt)
  • "Playtime's Over!" (Selection)