Fire Emblem Class
First Game Fire Emblem Fates
Promotes From Wolfskin
Promotes To N/A
Weapons Stones
Skills Better Odds

Grisly Wound

The Wolfssegner is a combat shapeshifting class that is introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. The promoted form of the Wolfskin class and species, Wolfssegner are able to switch between a humanoid and a werewolf-like creature with the aid of the concentrated power stored within Beaststones.


Fire Emblem Stats

Base stats

Template:FE Base Stats

Maximum stats

Maximum Stats
HP 65
Str 36
Mag 25
Skl 29
Spd 31
Luck 26
Def 32
Res 26
Mvt 6
Con N/A

Growth rates

Base Growths
HP 20%
Str 20%
Mag 0%
Skill 5%
Spd 15%
Lck 5%
Def 10%
Res 0%

Known Wolfssegner


  • Wolfssegner are considered to be the Nohrian counterpart to the Nine-Tails class.

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