Woopy (later renamed Party Phil in Wii Party U)  is a character in the Wii Series that made his first appearance, in the video game Wii Party as the host. He is very similar to Sebastian Tute, and is likely a fellow member of the Tute Species. He returns in Wii Party U.

The player will first encounter Woopy when they first start the game for the first time. He will introduce the player to the game. He refers to himself as charming while introducing himself.

Woopy will also appear many times later in the game as the announcer for certain modes and to give rules on how to play certain modes. His role is very similar to that of MC Ballyhoo from Mario Party 8 and Blue Toad in Mario Party 9

He appears as a puppet-like character in a pink coat and he wears a pink top hat. He also has an orange bow and a big orange nose. He always carries around a microphone. He talks in a high pitched voice in a gibberish language and the only way the player can understand him is by reading the word bubble that comes out of the side of his head that says whatever he's saying in a proper language.