World 1-1
World 1-1 - Gameplay - Super Mario Bros
Gameplay of World 1-1.
Series Mario
First game Super Mario Bros.
Creator Nintendo EAD

World 1-1 is the first level appearing in Super Mario Bros.


When Mario starts the level, he must walk a few inches until finding a Goomba. He can also find three Question Blocks above him. He must hit the bottom-left one to reveal a mushroom. Then, he must continue along until finding four Warp Pipes with a Goomba between the second and third and two between the third and fourth. Also, Mario can go down the fourth Warp Pipe to teleport to the second-to-last Warp Pipe in the level near two Goombas.

If not, Mario must continue along. Above a hill after the fourth Warp Pipe, he can find a hidden 1-up Mushroom. Mario then encounters his first hole. He must conquer it by bouncing over it. Then, he finds a Question Block with two more Goombas above him. Question Block containing a Mushroom/Fire Flower. He can find another brick with multiple coins inside of it. He must then pounce over two Goombas and jump at the second brick block away from the other to reveal a star. He can use this to have temporary invincibility. Then, he must go along, pass six more Goombas and the only Koopa in the level until finding a variety of blocks stacked upon one-another. Mario must conquer this by jumping over it to the other side with the other block-stacked side. The next one is the same, but with a pit. Mario must carefully go over the pit and onto the other side.

Once doing so, he reaches the last area with the two Goombas and a question block. This area being the area where the secret exit leads to. Mario must then jump upon the final stack of blocks and reach the flagpole. He can also get a 1-up if reaching the tip-top.



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