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Wuhu Town

Wuhu Town is a battle course in Mario Kart 7.


Wuhu Town is located in west near the red bridge in Wuhu Loop. It is more than miles far away from the mountains in Maka Wuhu. Unlike these long courses, Wuhu Town does not use different-voiced Figure-8 Circuit nor it use different-voiced Mario Circuit. Instead, it uses previous nitro battle-course music theme. There also major weather changes. Wuhu Loop is in morning, Maka Wuhu in evening, and Wuhu Town in night-time. It is the first and only the course in 3DS version of Mario Kart.


Wuhu Town is a large square market with several nice buildings. This square looks similar to that of yellow market in start of Daisy Hills and Wuhu Loop. In middle of course, there is a water fountain where you can perform tricks on just like the ones in Coconut Mall and ones in Wuhu Loop, although Wuhu Loop's fountain is completely inaccessible due to the blocking bricks blocking it. Most of parts of Wuhu Town have nice, bricked road, while few ones have unpleasant, slowing-down, off-road grass. In background, you can see the red bridge. On the map, buildings came in 3 colors: blue, red and yellow due to the colored lights. The roads are incredibly narrow, which helps heavyweights block the road from anyone although they cannot block the whole road.

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