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These are the credits to X

Directed By

Yoshio Sakamoto

Program And Design By

Dylan Cuthbert of Argonaut

Graphic Design

Kenichi Sugino

3D Shapes By

Danny Emmett

Music by

H Tanaka


K Totaka

Technical Support

Takehiro Izushi

Assistant Support

Nobuhiro Ozaki

Additional Help and Design From

Dan Owsen

F Nomura

English Support

D Drabwell

I Crowther

S Littlewood

G Goddard

Japanese Support

M Kanoh

T Ohsawa

T Imoto

Y Ogawa

Special Thanks To

S Inoke

K Yamano

JB Yamada

Thanks To

Tony Harman

Yuka Nakata

Tony Stankzyk

Steven Dunn

Produced By

Gunpei Yokoi

Executive Producer

Hiroshi Yamauchi

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