Children of Mana screen010

Ferrick, dealing damage to the monster.

Xangar is the first boss in the game Children of Mana. He is a bird surrounded in fire, looking much like the mythical bird, Phoenix.


  • Fly at you either horizontally or vertically.
  • Shoot fire that seeks hero(ine).
  • Lauch a column of fire to circle the center of the arena.
  • After his shield is gone, he can launch projectiles at the player that

will home into him/her and paralyze you. (Can also be Parried)

It should be noted that he can inflict Paralyze, and Burned.


When the battle first starts, this bird will be protected by a force. Hitting him a few times, a cut scene will show up about the Mana Sword falling down to the earth and destroying the monster's barrier. Now is the time to do some damage. Attack it with your sword whenever you get the chance. However, he will now go up to the top of the screen and attack you with two little floating saws. Parry these, two send them right back at him and hurt him with his own attack. Dealing that much damage, he will come to the center of the arena and use either attack that will send a wall of fire bursting out, or some fire that will follow the player until the fire gets destroyed. Just keep swinging the sword, and he will be defeated, and will blow up in a burst of fire (ironically).