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Yoichi Kotabe

Yoichi Kotabe in December of 2008.
Born September 15, 1936
First game Doki Doki Panic

Yoichi Kotabe is an acclaimed artist that formerly worked with Nintendo.


Born on September 15, 1936, Yoichi Kotabe became a fan of art during his early school years when his mother introduced him to flipbook animation (the act of flipping through pages, each page with an image that progressively changes, to make it look like it's moving). His father was an artist, though ironically the person who didn't draw much at all was the one who made him interested in animation (his mother). According to him, his mother drew a stick figure in a text book of his at the corner, and on each page the stick figure would be in a slightly different position. As he recalls the stick figure was exercising. It made him interested enough to try himself.

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