Yadokargo is a robotic hermit crab boss in the Mega Man series. He apears in Mega Man Anniversary Collection. He also appears in the first chapter from the Rockman 8 manga comic book. Yadokargo's job is to  protect Dr. Wily's secret base.


Yadokargo will grab Mega Man with his claws and is a great deal of damage. He will also jump around the arena to attack him. He also shoots out bombs.


Yadokargo will run around the room, trying to stop Mega Man with his claws. Mega Man must shoot his shell to hit his brain and must use the Mega Ball if he hasn't obtained any other weapon. Yadokargo will jump to attack Mega Man, so sliding is best to avoid his landing. He'll repeat the pattern again and is can be taken out easily with Astro Crush, Tornado Hold, or Flash Bomb.


  • Yadokargo's name is derived from the name, "Yadokari", a Japanese word for "Hermit Crab".
  • Even though he's an end stage boss with a health bar, the game's mini-boss theme plays throughout the fight rather than the normal boss theme.
  • The boss introduction is slightly different between the PlayStation and Saturn versions. In the original PlayStation version, Mega Man stands still for a few moments, then a lone bird flies away when the music track loads and the robot reveals itself. In the Saturn version, the animation of the flock of birds from the beginning of the level was added when Mega Man stops for a few seconds.