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Yo-Kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version
Yokai Watch Just Dance
Developer(s) Level-5
Publisher(s) Level-5
Platform(s) Wii U platform icon
Genre(s) Rhythm, Dancing

 01CERO A 

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Yo-Kai Watch Dance: Just Dance Special Version is a version of Just Dance exclusive to Japan, co-developed between Level-5 and Ubisoft for the Wii U.


The game plays like every other Just Dance game. Characters on the screen (usually 4) perform a dance to the music and players try to match them. Keeping the moves in rhythm improves the score.

Song List

There are only 7 songs in the game though there are some variations. All the songs are from the anime.

  • Geragerapo no Uta
  • Yo-kai Taiiso Daiichi (Yo-kai Exercise No.1)
  • Dan Dan Dubi Zuba!
  • Idols Are a Matter of Ooh-Nya-Nya
  • Yo-kai Taisou Daiini (Yo-kai Exercise No.2)
  • Uchu Dansu (Space Dance)
  • Jinsei (Life) Dramatic


The game sold at a mediocre rate with 7060 copies in its first according to Media Create. By the end of 2015, it reached 26,677 according to Famitsu.

Critical response was average with a 28 (7/7/7/7) out of 40 from Famitsu.

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