Yoshi Valley
Yoshi Valley MK64
Yoshi Valleys it appears in Mario Kart 64
Series Mario Kart series
First game Mario Kart 64
Creator Nintendo EAD

Yoshi Valley is a course found in Mario Kart 64. It features more paths than any Mario Kart stage; in fact, there are so many paths that the game can't even determine which place the player is in, meaning during the whole race you won't know if you're in last or first place unless you've been paying attention to the map.

Near the end of the stage is a giant Yoshi Egg that is capable of flattening the player for about five or so seconds. The canyon that the stage takes place on is extremely narrow, and players can easily fall off of it at any time. Occasionally a porcupine will interfere with the race and halt the players' progress for a short moment.


Mario Kart 64

It features more paths than in any Mario Kart game. There are confusing paths as well which the player can't determine what place he or she is in. There is also a Yoshi egg somewhere near the end of the course.

Mario Kart 8

The course returns in Mario Kart 8, with a number of adjustments. The first thing is the greater aesthetic detail in that it is now a Yoshi preserve. Instead of fog, one can see the mountain and hills in the distant. There are also more paths available but, the player can tell what play he is in. One of the new paths is a gliding section from a cannon that fires the player across the whole course. This isn't the fastest way though. Now the game can determine the players places, but there is still a Blue Shell glitch.


  • The stage is 772M long, making it the sixth largest course in the game.