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Yumiko Kanki
Company Nintendo R&D2
Current Position Sound Composer
First game Famicom Golf: Japan Course
Latest game Special Tee Shot

Yumiko Kanki was a sound designer working for Nintendo's R&D2 department. Although she didn't do many soundtracks, she composed the majority of the music of the popular SNES game F-Zero, among other titles. She was credited as Yumiko Kameya on the F-Zero X Guitar Arrange Edition soundtrack, implying that Kanki may have been her maiden name.

It is unknown what is her current occupation.

Production History

Song Credits


  • Opening Theme -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Select Time Theme -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Mute City -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Sand Ocean -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Death Wind -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Silence -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Port Town -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Red Canyon -- Composition & Arrangement
  • White Land -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Fire Field -- Composition & Arrangement

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