Zinger Art (DK Jungle Climber)

Artwork of Zinger from DK: Jungle Climber.
Series Donkey Kong series
First game Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Species Bee
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Zingers are common enemies in the Donkey Kong series. They have alays been some of thhe most pestering enemies since their debut in Donkey Kong Country and their appearance in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Donkey Kong 64, and other games.


Zingers resemble bees or wasps in many ways, though they are very large, about as big as Diddy Kong. Bigger variations include Queen B. (Donkey Kong Country), and King Zing (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest). These are bosses, though, so they only come around once. Mecha-Zingers and Buzzes are other variations, being very robotic-like. In the DKC trilogy, the slightest touch with any of these enemies results in instant death for the Kong, though in later games, they were given more health, which solved that problem.

Most Zingers can be defeated with any Barrel, some Animal Buddies, and the use of some weapons (in Donkey Kong 64). Zingers come in many different colors in DKC, but they all share the same traits and weaknesses of the yellow Zingers, except for the red ones.

Red Zingers

Red Zingers are a quite rare enemy found in the later levels of the DKC trilogy. They are the only color Zinger that is different from the others when it comes to weaknesses. Unlike the other Zingers whom can be defeated by using any barrel, red ones can only be killed using a TNT Barrel.


Donkey Kong Country/Donkey Kong Land

Zingers first appeared in Donkey Kong Country as annoying, but common enemies that could be killed with any barrel Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong could find. There were no red zingers in this game, although there were quite a few other color variations, and even more in the Game Boy Advance remake. Unfortunately, there were usually no barrels around when there was a Zinger, which resulted in Donkey and Diddy having to simply dodge them, proving harder than it sounds. Queen B. was the leader of the Zingers and had to be defeated as she was the second boss in the game.

Zingers were the same in Donkey Kong Land, except for the difference in color due to limitations in development.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest/Donkey Kong Land 2

Zingers return in the sequel with only slight changes in the body structure, not much else is different. One thing that is notable is that Donkey and Diddy discover that the Zingers a formal hive found in Krazy Kremland on Crocodile Isle. This explains where they live, and why there are so many, as Crocodile Isle is not far from DK Island. Red Zingers appear in this game as well, with the only other color being the normal yellow. They are now ruled by King Zing instead if Queen B., since she is , of course, dead.

Zingers make another appearance in Donkey Kong Land 2, with almost no change whatsoever. They still have a hive, and their king, which was later killed again.

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!/Donkey Kong Land III

Zingers did not appear the third game of both the DKC and DKL series, and instead were replaced by the similar Buzzes. They are alike even when it comes to red Buzzes being the invincible ones. The green Buzzes, however, are the normal ones.

Donkey Kong 64

Zingers come back once again in Donkey Kong 64, but are not as common or as annoying as they were in the Donkey Kong Country and Land series. They can be defeated by using weapons that are given to you by Funky Kong. There is a new variation of Zinger, though, called the Mecha-Zinger, which are harder to beat, but only appear in the level "Frantic Factory".