The Zombie Yeti is a very rare Zombie in the DS version of Plants vs. Zombies. It can't be chosen as a playable zombie in Versus Mode.


During the first flag, players will see the Yeti and it'll run away after a short time. When it's running away, they must block it off with a Pumpkin. It takes 75 normal shots, unlike the Zomboni.

Yeti Chance

There's a chance for players to see a Yeti in any level, except in Puzzle modes and the mini-game, Air Raid.

Exploding on the Yeti

When they see a Yeti when they have a chance, they must use a bomb to avoid letting it run away.

Fast Yeti

This is the most hardest zombie to kill in Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick. Various Cattails can take it down.

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