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Image from Star Fox 64.

Zoness is a water-covered planet in the Star Fox series. Andross once polluted the planet's water, but it seems clear in Zoness Sea Base in Star Fox Assault.


Star Fox 64

In Star Fox 64, Zoness is featured as one of the main levels. The instruction booklet says that Zoness was once a lush, green planet. Thanks to Andross's experiments, though, it was hideously mutated. Andross also planted many facilities and searchlights to prevent a sneak attack. The player can execute a sneak attack by destroying the spotlights. The guardian, or boss, is Sarumarine, a crazed monkey.

Star Fox Assault

In Assault, the player can unlock the multiplayer stage Zoness Sea Base by completing 130 VS Matches. The stage is set in a gigantic fortress. The water seems to have recovered from Andross's pollution in Star Fox 64.

Star Fox Zero

The planet is featured again in Star Fox Zero, though the player is only accessing the Sea Base, via the Zero-Wing. It is a stealth-based level like the original, but it seems getting is not as costly as it only summons enemies before the searchlights return to normal.

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